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Places and Activities around Owen's Retreat

As you can see from the map to the right, there are many places to go and many things to do on the North Shore near Owen's Retreat. Below are links to some of those places and activities.

North Shore

Polynesian Cultural Center
Visit seven native villages all in one place. Participate in the daily adventures of Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures.

Dole Pineapple Plantation
Taste sweet delicious pineapples, find your way thru World's largest maze, ride a train thru the pineapple fields.

Haleiwa Town
Visit the many amazing restaurants and retail shops on the North Shore.

North Shore Hawaii
Check out many other things to do on the North Shore.

North Shore Eats
Check out the many delicious places to eat on the North Shore.

Below are other links that you may find helpful and interesting.

Honolulu City Search
Search for things to do in Honolulu Hawaii on the island of Oahu

Honolulu Airport
Helpful information about Honolulu International Airport

Honolulu Ground Transportation
Need a shuttle or rental car? Check out ground transportation options here.

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